ESPRIT arena rules of the house

For Fortuna home matches at the ESPRIT arena: PHOTOS/CAMERAS: Permitted are: all cameras without interchangeable lenses and digital cameras. Not permitted are: professional reflex cameras, sound and picture recording devices and other professional material.



Banned items:

  • Visitors are not permitted to bring food or drinks to the grounds of the ESPRIT arena.
  • Binoculars or field glasses (although opera glasses are permitted)
  • Weapons or other dangerous items and items which may cause bodily harm upon being thrown
  • Gas spray cylinders, caustic or colouring substances or pressure containers for flammable substances, made from fragile material or from material that may splinter
  • Bulky objects such as ladders, stools, chairs, chests and suitcases
  • Firecrackers, rockets, flares, smoke powder and other pyrotechnics, laser pointers
  • Flag and banner poles, not made from wood and longer than 1 metre or with diameters wider than 3 cm.
  • Large banners, double holders
  • Mechanical and electrically operated instruments which emit noise, klaxons, whistles
  • Drugs
  • Animals (except service and guide dogs)
  • Any propaganda material that is racist, xenophobic or otherwise discriminatory or which glorifies violence or promotes radical left or right-wing views; also any clothing with lettering or symbols that are clearly racist, xenophobic or otherwise discriminatory or which glorify violence or display radical left or right-wing tendencies
  • Cameras (for stills and videos) and any other audio or image recording devices suitable for commercial use or publication and any accessories (e.g. photo cases, tripods), unless permission has been obtained from the organiser or operator
  • Visitors will be removed from the grounds if they are apparently under the influence of drugs, if they are clearly intoxicated with alcohol


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