Guided Tours of the ESPRIT arena

Visit one of the most modern multifunction arenas anywhere in Europe! Have a look at the players' dressing rooms and the VIP area. Listen to explanations of the arena's technical and architectural marvels that help make events in the ESPRIT arena unforgettable!

Ever wonder

  • where the players get changed,
  • what "backstage" looks like,
  • how the artists travel to the stage,
  • where press conferences are held,
  • how VIP guests are treated at the ESPRIT arena,
  • how well you can see from the last row,
  • how the ESPRIT arena gets ready for international matches,
  • how the outer facade is constructed,
  • or what a retractable roof involves?

Our tour will show you!

Working with our partner ZECCO, we offer you the following tour options:

Group tours

Each group tour can choose between various opportunities and booking options.

  • Exclusive tours: 90 minutes, max. 25 persons
    Price: 150 euros; 125 euros for discount ticket (Persons under 18 years of age, such as school groups)
  • Business tours: 60 minutes, max. 25 persons
    Price: 125 euros
  • Special tours:
    • Birthday parties: 180 minutes
      Price: 24 euros per child, 12 euros per adult chaperone
    • Football tour: individual price by request

Public tours

The public tours are specially intended for individuals who wish to tour the ESPRIT arena without joining into a larger private group. To give these persons the chance to peek behind the curtain of this world-class multifunction arena, we offer tours on Sunday mornings at noon on days where no match is being played here.

Pre-registration is required for all tours.

Register at:
ZECCO Sportkommunikation GmbH
Arena-Str. 1
40474 Düsseldorf
T: +49 (0)211/ 415 542 12
F: +49 (0)211/ 415 542 22
email: fuehrungen(at)

More information about touring the ESPRIT arena can be found atührungen/.

No tours are conducted on the days of events or when set-up/breakdown for a major event is planned.